New to the world of manicure and you afraid to dive into the deep waters, well a basic manicure is safe and stylish you can choose that

We Are Aphrodite Looks

Hello, I'm Elvina Tom and I own theAphrodite Looks. We specialize in all kinds of makeup but big time experts in basic manicure. If you would love soft cuticles, skillfully shaped nails, a little massage and colorful polishing then come relax for a basic manicure. The manicure is not exaggerated with other complex treatments it is simply an icon for style and fashion.

What we Offer

Clean nails

nail cleansing is done to keep your nails safe from infections

Nail shape

our manicurists shape your nails skillfully to any desired shape

Cuticles treatment

For health strong nails then cuticles treatment is paramount

Expert manicurists

Our artistic manicurists translate you ideas to reality in a short while

What People Say

Kelly Morris

I pampered my nails with the American Manicure for a friend's wedding over the weekend and everyone envied my nails.

Janie Moody

It was something different from everyone's else. The attention was a critical nourishment of my self esteem I really needed!

Cecelia Lewis

I learnt skin grooming tips from Aphrodite Looks that I have been using and I am very pleased with the results. 


Professional assistance

You are guided by professional dermatologists

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Healthier complexion

You maintain a healthier complexion 

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